Red millet

Millet is a high-yielding cereal crop. Red millet has high taste characteristics and it's widely used in the food industry. Red millet is actively planted because it is considered very nutritious and shows good digestibility by the human body. It's also used as animal feed and as the main ingredient of the diet of house birds. This crop is also used in folk medicine.

Red Millet Main Characteristics

Red millet seeds contain vitamins A, B1, B2, PP, and E. These seeds are also rich in protein, starch, and a whole set of trace elements - calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, and sodium.

The percentage of starch in a grain of this culture is practically similar to rice, while such elements as potassium and magnesium are five times higher in millet. It's slightly inferior to buckwheat in terms of the percentage of amino acids but prevails in the amount of copper, manganese, nicotinic acid.

Technical characteristics of this product:

  • Moisture - up to 14,5%;
  • Weed impurity - max 2 %;
  • Grain admixture - max 2 %;
  • Broken grains - max 5 %.

1000 red millet seeds weigh about 6,5-7,5 grams.

Buying Process

Our company Agroforce, LLC works in the crop production sphere since 2004 and offers wholesale export of red millet to various European countries.

The buyer receives top-quality red millet, cause all parameters of this product, namely: purity, moisture, impurities, etc., comply with Ukrainian and international quality standards. This year our company received the organic product quality certificate. It was issued by the reputable certification institution Organic Standard.

We offer an individual approach for each client to make our service the best on the market.

Talking about packs, there are several options, so you can choose what suits you more: we have packs of 25, 50 kg or big bags (1000 kg). Other variants are also available if needed. Our delivery is always on time and you will never have any problems with it. There are such available shipping terms: FCA, DAP, CIF, FOB.

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