Spelt is a grain first-born cereal. It is ideal for making flour, flakes, and sprouting. It is one of the few cultures in the world that have not been genetically modified and have not lent themselves to hybridization.

Main Characteristics of Spelt Seeds

Spelt grain is similar to wheat grain, but bigger and protected by tougher scales than wheat grain. Spelt is characterized by high protein content in its seeds. This crop is appreciated for its nutritional quality, spelt flour has a unique taste and high vitamin content.

Spelt contains 18 essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals: mono- and disaccharides, EFAs — saturated fatty acids, ash, starch, dietary fiber, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, copper, manganese, selenium, zinc, iron.

Technical characteristics of this product:

  • Moisture ≤15%;
  • Falling number ≥200;
  • Protein ≥13%;
  • Gluten ≥25%;
  • Foreign matter ≤2%;
  • Grain impurity ≤6%.

1000 spelt seeds weight about 25 grams.

How to Buy Spelt in Bulk?

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