Yellow split peas

Yellow split peas are well known as a legume. It is a natural food source that is rich in a high amount of dietary fibres. The main spheres of using this crop are culinary, agriculture, and innovative technical production. Recently, Ukrainian scientists have found out a way to produce cling film from it. Growing and processing yellow split peas tends to be rather useful and perspective. Agroforce, LLC growth and sells high-quality yellow split peas. This company is placed in the south region of Ukraine, obtaining appropriate irrigation systems, equipment for processing, storage, and transportation of crops.

Yellow Split Peas Main Characteristics

This grain crop can be characterized as one containing a high amount of protein and a very low level of fat. It is vegan-friendly and nutritious. Most of the plant’s calories come from protein and complex carbohydrates. This legume is extremely popular. People are sharing various recipes for cooking this legume through the years.

Yellow split peas processing features are as follows:

  • Moisture — max. 15%;
  • Content of broken peas — 3%;
  • Content of peas with husk — 2%;
  • Grain admixture — 2%.

We strictly follow the above-mentioned characteristics.

Ordering Process

Agroforce, LLC is operating the agrarian market since 2004. Our company produces high-quality crops and grains, and in 2020 we got an international quality certificate issued by Organic Standard LTD institution. The major priority for us is an excellent quality of product and customer satisfaction. For this, we use an individual approach, consultations, and top-quality services.

We suggest the following options for packages: 25, 50 kg, big bags.

Agroforce, LLC also commits to on-time delivery for you to be sure that any order will arrive on time.

Shipping terms are various: FCA, DAP, CIF, FOB. Orders can be placed at any time throughout the year, delivery is available on a year-round basis as well.

To order yellow split peas online, just fill the form on our website and we’ll contact you at once. Our managers are glad to answer all your questions concerning terms of shipping, production, storage, or payments.

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