Yellow whole peas

Yellow whole peas are an annual plant of the legume family, the flowers of which are characterized by a yellow color. Yellow whole peas are used both as a natural product rich in vitamins and as pet food.

Yellow Whole Peas Characteristics

Yellow whole peas have a round shape and yellow color.

This culture is rich in nutrients and vitamins. It contains a lot of protein and potassium. It has fatty acids, contains a high percentage of magnesium and many other beneficial elements. This product may also boast of a large amount of tryptophan and folic acid as well. Other useful characteristics of this crop are fiber, enzymes, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus salts, vitamins A, B, C, PP. It is also necessary to mention that we cell the product with the next characteristics:

  • Moisture — max 15.0%;
  • Content of broken peas — 3%;
  • Content of peas with husk — 2%;
  • Grain admixture — 2%.

The diameter of a pea varies between 1.5 — 3 mm.

How to Order Yellow Whole Peas

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