Сhickpeas 8-9 mm

Chickpeas 8-9 mm are known as a part of the legume family. This crop is widely used in the food and feed industry, flour is also made from it and chickpea seeds are the main ingredient in hummus.

Main Characteristics of Chickpeas 8-9 mm

The fruit is an oval-oblong, oval, or rhombic bean, 8-9 mm, with a parchment layer, does not crack when ripe. Ripe beans are colored in different shades: from straw-yellow, greenish till gray-purple.

The chickpea grain is characterized by the presence of an elongated spout. Its surface is wrinkled or smooth.

The seeds of this crop contain approximately 23% of protein, 8% of fat, and up to 40% of carbohydrates.

Chickpeas 8-9 mm are rich in vitamins and minerals such as: vitamin B2 — 11.8%, choline — 19%, vitamin B5 — 31.8%, vitamin B6 — 26.8%, vitamin B9 — 139.3%, potassium — 38.7%, calcium — 19.3%, silicon — 306.7%, magnesium — 31.5%, phosphorus — 55.5%, iron — 14.4%, cobalt — 95%, manganese — 107 %, copper — 66%, molybdenum — 86%, selenium — 51.8%, zinc — 23.8%

The main technical characteristics of this product are stated below:

  • Moisture — 12% max;
  • Weed impurity — 2% max;
  • Half pea — 3% max.

The mass of 1000 grains ranges from 60 to 700 g.

How to Buy Chickpeas 8-9 mm in Bulk?

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