Sorghum is a cereal crop, which is almost unknown to Ukrainian buyers. Meanwhile, this crop ranks fifth in the world in terms of production. It's famous for its beneficial properties, and it can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, sorghum is widely used for spirit, flour, starch production. Sugar syrup and biofuel are also prepared from this grain.

Characteristics of Sorghum

This product contains a record amount of carbohydrates (68.3 grams per 100 grams), as well as a large number of proteins (11.3 grams), fats (3.3 grams), and other useful substances.

Technical characteristics of the product are as follows:

  • Moisture — up to 14%;
  • Weed impurity — max 2 %;
  • Grain admixture — max 2 %.

Sorghum contains a huge amount of fiber, protein, valuable macro and microelements (potassium, sodium magnesium, zinc, molybdenum, and so on), B1, B2, B6, PP, C, H vitamins.

Ordering Process

The history of Agroforce, LLC began in 2004. At that time we started trading the pulse crops and grain in Ukraine. Choosing Agroforce, LLC for buying sorghum in bulk, you may be sure of the goods’ quality because we follow all the necessary transportation, storage, packaging rules.

Sorghum grains are delivered in special packs that preserve the hygienic, technological, nutrition, and organoleptic properties of seeds. The packaging is made out of proper materials that are safe for their intended usage. They prevent the penetration of different substances or foreign tastes and odors into the product.

You can choose, which packs are preferable for you: there are variants of 25 and 50 kg. Big bags (1000 kg) are also available. FCA, DAP, CIF, FOB shipping terms can be applied. The Delivery process is quick and the shipment is always on time. Take in mind that we do our best to assure each client with an individual approach.

Our products have all the necessary certificates, one of which is issued by Organic Standard, a reputable certification institution.

Use an online form on our website to make an order. Leave your contacts if you need any consultation. Our managers will contact you ASAP.

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