Vetch seeds

Vetch seeds is a forage crop from the legume family. These seeds are also called sow peas, horse peas, fodder peas, wild peas, chaffinch, passerine peas, goose peas, crane peas, mouse peas, or simply peas. Vetch seeds, like peas and lentils, are eaten, and flour is also made from them. Due to the crop composition, which is based on the dried material, and includes up to 20% protein of plant origin, a small amount of fiber, and dietary fiber, vetch seeds are also used as animal feed.

Vetch Seeds Main Characteristics

The fruit of vetch is a small, broadly linear, on a short stalk, has a swollen pod of light yellow color, less often gray or blackish, reaches 6 cm in length, shortly pubescent or glabrous, with a short, curved nose. Each bean contains 9 seeds. They are about 3 mm in diameter, dark, spherical, slightly flattened. This crop contains a lot of protein, carotene, and fiber.

The technical characteristics of this product are as follows:

  • Moisture — up to 14%;
  • Weed impurity — max 2%;
  • Grain admixture — max 5%.

The mass of 1000 seeds is from 10 to 20 grams.

How to Buy Vetch Seeds in Bulk?

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