Oilseeds include plants whose seeds and fruits contain fats (20-60%) as reserve substances, which serve as raw materials for obtaining vegetable oil. Vegetable oil is widely used in food, for the preparation of varnishes, paints, soaps, used in the leather and textile industries, in medicine and other sectors. Vegetable fats are of great nutritional and technical importance.

Oilcake and meal, obtained after squeezing oil from seeds, is a valuable concentrated feed for animals.

Oilseeds Characteristics

The amount of oil in oilseeds ranges from 20 to 63% of the seed mass. The content and quality of oil in them may vary greatly under the influence of different factors — heat, water regime, variety, sowing time, tillage, fertilization, geographical latitude.

Oilseeds contain large amounts of lipids and proteins. The amount of lipids can be from 40 to 70% of the mass of seeds or 80% of the mass of the kernel. There are 1.5–2.0 times more proteins in oilseeds than in cereals. The protein content in oilseeds ranges from 15 to 30%.

The shells of oil seeds contain up to 60-70% of carbohydrates. However, the seed kernels are usually low in carbohydrates (only 5-10%), of which almost half is sucrose (about 2-5%).

The composition of minerals in oilseeds varies greatly and depends on the species, variety, growing conditions, and place of growth. Moreover, their number can fluctuate within 1.8–7.4%. The seeds are dominated by phosphorus and potassium, while the shells are dominated by silicon.

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