Flax seed

Flax seeds are widely used in many different spheres. For example, they are used as food, medicine. Also, these seeds are great for oil production. Linseed oil which is obtained from seeds is also used as food, for medical and technical purposes: the manufacture of varnishes, drying oils, paints, linoleum, printing, leather and footwear, medical, textile, perfumery, etc. It is a raw material for the production of various coatings, man-made fibers, insulation foams, plasticizers, high-pressure lubricants, and other polymers.

Waste from flax oil production (cake and meal) is a valuable concentrated feed for livestock with a high protein content, which is not inferior to sunflower and rapeseed oil cake in terms of the content of essential amino acids and nutritional value.

Composition of Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are oval-flattened, pointed at one end. They have the following measures:

  • 4-6 mm long;
  • 2-3 mm wide;
  • 2 mm thick.

Smooth, shiny, brown on the surface. The taste is sweet and slimy.

There are some important characteristics of flax seeds:

  • Appearance - healthy state (not warming up);
  • Smell - no foreign smell;
  • Mass fraction of moisture, % - no more than 9%;
  • Content of trash (vegetable origin), % - 5.0%.

The seeds contain a fatty drying oil (30-48%), which includes triglycerides of linolenic (35-45%), linoleic (25-35%), oleic (15-20%), palmitic and stearic acids; mucus – 5-12%, protein – 18-33%, carbohydrates – 12-26%, organic acids, enzymes, vitamin A, sterols.

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