Black mustard seed

Black mustard seeds have an extremely pungent, tart taste, reminiscent of horseradish. They are widely used in cooking: table mustard is prepared from black mustard seeds (famous Dijon mustard is made from them also) with the addition of water, vinegar, sugar, salt, vegetable oil, sometimes honey and other spices (cloves, etc.). Powder, which is made from these seeds, is used in the preparation of mayonnaise. Volatile vapors of black seeds have an antibacterial, phytoncide effect: on this basis, they are widely used in the food industry for storing perishable products. Also, black mustard seeds are suitable for oil production and soap-boiling.

Characteristics of Black Mustard Seeds

Black mustard seeds are brown or reddish-brown, have the shape of a ball, fine-mesh. Their average diameter is 1 mm. These seeds contain allyl mustard oil; allyl cyanide; mustard essential oil; non-drying fatty oil, carbon disulfide; erucic, palmitic, lignoceric, oleic, and linolenic acids; vitamins B, B16, B6, PP, C, A, D, E, B5, beta-carotene; selenium, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, calcium, potassium, nickel, manganese, sodium.

The main characteristics of the product are as follows:

  • Moisture - up to 9%;
  • Weed impurity - max 2 %;
  • Grain admixture - max 2 %.

One seed weights about 4 grams.

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