White mustard seed

White Mustard Seeds Overview

White mustard (Sinapis alba) is an annual plant intended for feeding purposes. Agroforce, LLC grows this crop in Ukraine. Forest-steppe areas of our country can boast for the best climate conditions for its cultivation. Plants reach 70 centimeters in height, blooming profusely from June through August. The vegetation period is 85-100 days.

White mustard seeds are characterized by a wide scope of application. Foremost, they are used in the food industry: sauces and seasonings contain them. Seeds are suitable for oil production (dark yellow oil with a pleasant odor and somewhat bitter taste). This crop has a sweet and mild taste, so it is usually used for vegetables, mushrooms, and fish preservation.

Characteristics of White Mustard Seeds

White mustard seeds have a round shape and depending on the breed may have beige, yellow, or even light brown color. Their diameter varies between 1 - 1.5 mm. Furthermore, seeds contain the following acids: oleic, linoleic, erucidic, palmitic, arachidic, and linolenic. So, their benefits cannot be overstated.

The main characteristics of the product are as follows:

  • Moisture - up to 13.5%;
  • Weed impurity - max 2%;
  • Grain admixture - max 7%;
  • Ambrosia - none.

The average weight of one seed is 4 g.

Where to Buy White Mustard Seeds?

When you need to purchase white mustard seeds, Agroforce, LLC will be your best choice. We grow it from 2015 and take responsibility for high product quality. We propose to buy white mustard seeds in bulk or in packs of 25, 50 kg. There is also a possibility to buy it in big bags (1000 kg). We can also propose other variants of the packaging upon clients' requests. The shipment of the product is carried out from July till March.

The production is kept under proper conditions. We offer these seeds of the top quality. Customers are accessible to experience the best wholesale prices. Furthermore, our qualified specialists provide consumers with a consultation on all the questions concerning the cost of supply to the necessary country, city, port. Agroforce, LLC will be pleased to make an individual offer based on your specific needs.

We offer well-known white mustard breeds that correspond to consumers’ purposes. Contact our specialists whenever you need them.

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