Rapeseeds are the most widespread oilseeds in the world. The technical use of rapeseed oil is very popular. In the chemical industry, it can compete with many oils or animal fats. It’s widely used as a biofuel. The usage of rapeseed oil as a fuel can reduce the usage of natural oil. Important that it can also reduce an environment-related burden. Rapeseed oil decomposes quickly and does not pose a hazard to soil and water bodies.

Rapeseed Characteristics

Rape seeds have a peculiar chemical composition that distinguishes them from seeds of most other oil plants. This extraordinary chemical composition concerns mainly two properties — the presence of erucic acid in glycerides and phospholipids and the presence of sulfur-containing glucosides in the protein part of the seeds, plus the presence of myrosinase, an enzyme capable of cleaving thioglucosides.

Rapeseeds for technical processing have the following characteristics:

  • Humidity — up to 9%;
  • Oil content — from 41%;
  • Trash admixture — up to 2%;
  • Free from harmful organisms.

Nowadays rapeseed oil tends to be used more and more in the technical sphere.

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